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From Consciousness to Reality: The Law of Attraction

Recent developments in science, especially in the field of Quantum Physics, tells us that energy and matter are the same. Perhaps the most astonishing breakthrough in this sphere is the theory that consciousness shape reality instead of the other way around. The book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne was one of the first that explored the use of the law of attraction to affect posting things in one’s life. But first, let me explain what the law of attraction is.

Law of Attraction

This is not a new concept. Buddhist and Tibetan teachings would often underscore how one’s thinking or attitude towards life tends to attract the same things. For example, a person with a happy disposition would experience more situations that would bring happiness, not only to himself but also within his immediate vicinity.

Japanese warriors in the past used visualization techniques that provide conditions for winning in a battle. Simply put – the law of attraction places importance on focusing the mind on the desired results so that these results would be achieved.

Steps on Using the Law of Attraction

So, how do you make the law of attraction work instantly in your life? There are many articles written about this already. But in its simplest form, it takes three basic steps:

Visualize the desired results (Thought)

It is important that you have a clear idea of what you want; whether it’s good health, a happy life, or winning a million dollars. The visualization must be very clear, including the accompanying emotions that you would feel once you receive what you desire. Picture this clearly in your mind.

Some proponents would go so far as suggesting coming up with a collage of the things you want in your life, or simply writing it down several times. To help you further, the hidden secret behind ‘The Secret’ is revealed here –

Verbalize your desire (Word)

You need to speak out what you visualize. This is known as the power of spoken word. At this point, it’s better if you do it in the solitude of your own home. But this verbalisation would accompany visualization, would be done several days until your desired results are met. The verbalisation provides intent of the visualized outcome. This is where will enters.

Believe the results (Action)

After all of that, it is important that you believe that you have already received. By believing here, we mean necessary actions should be made to create circumstances that will facilitate the receiving. Scott Adams in his book The Dilbert Future narrated a story wherein he picked a goal of getting rich in the stock market.

After several days of visualization and verbalization, he was urged, in a dream, to buy stocks from a certain company. Within a few weeks, the stock value of this company climbed, earning him amazing profits. This is the portion of believing wherein you already act out that you have received what you have visualized and verbalized, or have prepared conditions in your life to receive these things.

There have been a lot of skeptics of the law of attraction, but it doesn’t mean you cannot try. And the law of attraction not working for you doesn’t mean that you should give up, it just means that you can consider adjusting your goals, starting from what you can easily achieve until you reach your ultimate result.