Website SEO Audit – A Lifestyle Choice

Site owners will want to rank their site on Google. They will dream about getting to the top page and raking in millions of searches per month. Well, it is time to wake up and realize only those who are putting in the time will get there.

14528450_10153825116676512_1328040884_nThis is where a good website SEO audit is going to come in handy and make sure the site is heading in the right direction as desired.

What will the SEO audit take a look at? Here is more on the subject along with its benefits.

What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is one of those solutions where the results are going to be seen in the short and long-term. It is a method to analyse a site for its ability to rank. This will include going through the various components and making sure the foundation of your setup is in sync with a search engine’s requirements.

The SEO audit is going to include:

1) Keyword Assessment

2) Meta Tags Analysis

3) Checking Back Links

4) Speed (General Functionality)

5) Content Quality

6) Diversity Of Content (i.e. Images, Videos)

7) Titles And Subtitles (Keyword Friendly)

These are the main parts of the SEO audit to make sure your site is running at the speed it should.


It all starts with getting in tune with what Google or other key search engines are looking for. They have an algorithm in place that is constantly changing trying to tweak things for the better. You will want to remain on top of this, so your site continues to rank. For a free website audit visit Red Rain – SEO Audit. Of course, if you wanted to know a bit about Red Rain before you do, have a look at this page: Angel listing – website audit.

One algorithm change can send a site plummeting to the bottom.

You want to keep this from happening, and that’s where the audit is useful. It will ensure you don’t get to that point in your life.

Another benefit is the reality of making sure you are getting a good read on your site. Sometimes, it’s not just about the SEO, but about checking your site’s health. Is it running well? Will people want to stay on it for long periods? Will people come back?

Remember, search engines want to give people quality, and that’s why they have requirements such as these. It’s not for the sake of it.

This is a lifestyle choice for site owners who want to get to the top. Make a change and your site will be ruling the roost for years to come in your niche.

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